Engineering services for telecommunications operators, ranging from network design to installation and maintenance, via legalization and consultancy; turnkey projects. Financing services for telecommunications networks.

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GIS (Geographic Information System) solution allowing a network to be visualised, designed, edited and monitored in real time using any device. All this can be achieved simply and intuitively through the different solutions offered by this SaaS.

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Consultancy, auditing, engineering, construction, maintenance and security for projects using photovoltaic solar, wind, biomass and biomethane energy.

About Us

Afronta Group was established in 2008 when various companies in the telecommunications engineering and renewable energy sector joined forces, boasting extensive experience in these fields dating back to 1996.

Afronta Group meets the needs of its clients through continuous commitment to R&D, experience and knowledge. One such example is its “aGIS” platform, a Geographic Information System it has been developing since 2015. In 2018 it also extended its business offering to include renewable energy plans.

In addition to this, the company is currently working on the smart cities concept with the objective of taking it forward on a global level, inspired by aGIS designed for telecommunication networks.

Since its founding, it has provided all the services necessary for fibre network roll-outs (fibre optics, FTTH, Wi-Fi, etc.) by the main local and national operators in Spain, ploughing all its efforts into continual growth and offering services designed by professionals for professionals.

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About Us


Grupo Afronta will deliver fleet management solutions to the Telco Sector
Grupo Afronta will deliver fleet management solutions to the Telco Sector

  Grupo Afronta, a company specialized in engineering services for telecommunications operators, am..