• One more step in the telco networks

One more step in the telco networks

One more step in the telco networks


The deployment of telecommunications networks is increasing and tools are needed to match this growth and enable optimal management in the performance of a key sector for society.



Thanks to years of know-how on the global planning, development and deployment of telecommunications networks, Grupo Afronta was aware of the shortcomings of the systems used by both clients and their project engineers to manage a network, as they only allowed them to draw and have the information entered captured, in addition to the use of spreadsheets and paper drawings.


In 2015, in order to meet the needs of the market and influenced by the growing digital transformation to which companies and society in general are subjected, since R&D&I was developed "aGIS FTTH", a SaaS that allows to design, manage and control fiber optic networks, becoming the reference GIS for major local and national operators.


An industry as powerful and that supports so much load, as is the telecommunications sector and all that the telco operators represent, can not miss a tool as essential as it is today and since its inception, "aGIS", intelligent geolocation software.


Today, both the market and the telco networks are evolving at a high speed and, consequently, the pace of their deployment worldwide. The creation of this platform for telecommunications operators has resulted in a greater experience and knowledge with which Grupo Afronta adapts to these changes.


That is why this year launches the new version of "aGIS", "aGIS Telco", a solution that takes the digitization and monitoring of any type of telecommunications network (optical fiber, FTTH, FTx, dark fiber, among others)with important changes and improvements, whose main feature is to enable automated connections.


All this is complemented by the different managers who help to manage the network optimally.


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