• What is GIS?

What is GIS?

What is GIS?

  A GIS (Geographic Information System) or "SIG (Sistema de Información Geográfica)" is a set of tools that integrates and relates various geographically related elements. Its most relevant part is the interaction with such elements, so, what can it does with them?







What is aGIS?

  Now that you know what a GIS is, do you want to know ours?


  aGIS is a web solution under a Saas (Software as a Service) model based on a vertical Geographic Information System (GIS), totally oriented to the planning, design and deployment of fiber networks. We are dealing with a responsive web application, therefore, it is cross-platform, solving the problems of access in terms of mobility that other desktop solutions cannot offer.

  It is a fully flexible GIS, because thanks to the continuous integration mechanism, it is constantly adapting to the market. As a web technology, it also allows collaborative work, opening up endless options to optimize field deployments. It is also sustainable, as information can be accessed on any device in real time, so there is no need to print blueprints or information on paper.

  With aGIS you can view, design and edit the network. aGIS offers different cadastral options, displays all the elements involved in each project, counts them and the user can view the attribute tables with all the information or interact with them and modify them, editing both attributes and geometries. In addition, you have the possibility to customize styles, perform searches, apply filters, etc. Highlighting the traceability that provides control of the path that follows the network at all times.

  All this is complemented by the different managers that help to manage the network in an optimal way.


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