• What is the best way to manage an effective and efficient S.U.C. ?

What is the best way to manage an effective and efficient S.U.C. ?

What is the best way to manage an effective and efficient S.U.C. ?


A S.U.C. (Servicio de Uso Compartido) or Shared Use Service is a request that a telecommunications operator must manage with Telefónica to make use of the physical infrastructure owned by the latter when it needs it to deploy its networks.


The main condition for carrying out an S.U.C. is to have previously signed a MARCo Agreement with Telefónica. Such an agreement is the form of technical rationalization of the procurement by pre-establishing a set of conditions or terms that will be common to all contracts based on that MARCo Agreement. In Grupo Afronta, we offer advisory services and carry out the management and signing of MARCo agreements to telco operators.


Said S.U.C. are composed of different phases (as can be seen in the following image) from the beginning to the occupation of the infrastructure and, within these phases, there are many states, turning this management into a very tedious activity. In addition, one of the main risks of applying for an S.U.C. is abandonment, which often happens and leads to the cancellation by Telefónica with its consequent economic cost which, depending on the case, may constitute large sums.


Therefore, the best solution is to delegate this task to an external company. In Grupo Afronta, we have a presence throughout the national territory, we have more than five years of experience in this type of services and we have managed more than 1.000 S.U.C.s, all successfully. In addition, we manage large amounts of S.U.C.s and we have a Management System with which we make different guidelines that avoid the risks of abandonment and annulment in order to successfully reach the state of occupation. On the other hand, Telefónica carries out inspections with which incidents are generated and, in Grupo Afronta, we also carry out advice and resolution of these.


In Grupo Afronta, due to the latest notifications made by regulators to telecommunication operators that make use of the infrastructures commented later, We have strengthened our staff of the Department of Legalization to give a quality service, fast and effective.



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